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Nolecast: After watching film, Bud & Ingram discuss FSU’s loss to Boise State

Listen up, ’Noles.

It’s been a rough few days for fans of Florida State football. But Seminoles everywhere should gain a little perspective from the fact that it could always be worse. Case in point: my mom’s golf bag, right next to that of her husband—

Now that’s a bad football Saturday. Follow-up question: can she sue me for publishing an unauthorized garage pic? Moreover, is there such thing as an authorized garage pic? Because that just sounds made up. Whatever, she likes Dalvin Cook more than me anyway.

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, FSU football. We ran through a bunch of topics after the ’Noles lost to Boise State: the lack of aggressiveness on defense, which play really cost Florida State a win, and, of all things, hydration.

Here to make some sense of it all are Bud Elliott and Ingram Smith, and, as usual, they’re not pulling any punches: