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Tour of Duty open to the media

FSU shows off it’s workouts

Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell Introduction Press Conference
Tomahawk Nation

On Thursday, February 13th, Florida State will allow media to observe the Tour of Duty.

No, it’s not a bad knock off of a popular video game but the culmination of the off season workouts Mike Norvell’s staff has players grinding through. These workouts started exactly one month before on January 13th with the goal of not only building strength but also improving team chemistry through cooperation and competition.

The workouts are similar to the mat drills FSU players took part in under Bobby Bowden.

Coaches are also able to discover which players are committed to FSU and which are not. It is not uncommon to see players transfer or give up football during this period of the season. During Willie Taggart’s early tenure multiple players left the program due to medical issues or a lack of desire to go through the grueling workouts.

While it is unlikely any players will be leaving Florida State at this point (since they are a month into the workouts) the media availability might provide a glimpse of potential team leaders and what freshmen might be physically ready to contribute early in the season.

This is not the first time the Seminoles have had open availability for workouts. Under Jimbo Fisher FSU joined in the Lift for Life event to support the Rare Disease Community.

Tomahawk Nation will be on the scene so check back for photos and videos from the event. There is not expected to be any media availability from coaches.