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Tutorial Thursday: Exploring the basics of Norvell’s tight end heavy spread offense

A video detailing the benefits of using a tight end in the modern day spread offense.

Florida State v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

When people talk about Mike Norvell’s offensive scheme one thing repeatedly comes up: the man loves to use tight ends. In an age of spread offenses why would someone choose to condense his formation with an extra man in the box?

This video looks to build upon the great foundation TN’s Jon Marchant laid about Norvell’s run game. I’ll take you through a quick whiteboard session and film study looking at the advantages behind a tight end heavy spread attack:

Norvell is mainly concerned with getting an advantage any way he can. By leveraging with a tight end, it often springs open gaps that defenses are slow to fill. However, no amount of scheming works if you can’t block your man. We know Norvell is a great offensive mind, but it’s going to take more than X’s and O’s to find success in 2020 for this Florida State Seminoles football team.