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Mike Norvell on Florida State’s first day of spring football practice

Emphasizing effort, energy, and efficiency.

Florida State Football head coach Mike Norvell spoke with the media following the Seminoles’ first practice of Spring football.

Norvell took the time to note that everything is new for the players, managers, and coaches, but he felt that overall it was a good first day. He further stated that energy is a base expectation for him and that players need to be passionate and excited about what they get the opportunity to do.

In addition, Norvell mentioned multiple times that he felt there was some very teachable moments during today’s practice.

While Norvell didn’t point out anything specific, a moment during 11 v 11 drills comes to mind. Norvell became visibly frustrated with DL Robert Cooper and his demeanor leading Norvell to remove him from the drill. Fellow lineman Cory Durden showed great leadership and approached the junior on the sideline to offer some words of encouragement and Cooper eventually returned to the field a few snaps laters.

Moments such as these seem to support Norvell’s main focus of accountability, effort, and attitude.

See the full interview below: