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Florida State takes over ACC Network today

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24 hours of FSU dominance on your TV.

Bobby Bowden

Without much to air right now, the ACC Network has begun takeover days for each school. Today, the Seminoles will be up to bat. FSU will be on the air for a full 24 hours. The full schedule for the day is below:

The men and women’s indoor track and field team will start it off at midnight, before handing it off to the women’s and men’s basketball programs in the early morning. The game action will take a short break for the ‘Bowden Dynasty’ documentary, before turning the page to some action from the field.

Florida State’s contest against Clemson in 1999 will be the first of three football games shown. In between the two others will be dominance on the women’s side of things. First will be the cardiac kids in the Women’s College World Series versus UW before the soccer team takes home two National titles.

The 24 hours will be capped off with FSU’s last two national title wins on the football field. The ‘Noles and Chris Weinke will face off with Mike Vick and Virginia Tech in the 2000 Sugar Bowl before Jameis Winston storms back on the Auburn Tigers in the Rose Bowl.

It will be a full day of action and we’ll be here to update and discuss the games with you in the thread below. Make sure to check back here for the schedule and to chip in to the commentary below.