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Florida State scheme breakdown: Two-back formations in Mike Norvell’s offense

How can Mike Norvell use the athletes he brings to Tallahassee?

Don Juan Moore/Character Lines

Originally published Apr. 2020

We’ve started peeling back the layers in Mike Norvell’s offense. We’re three weeks into this project, and we’re still talking about his running game. In contrast to previous regimes we’ve seen in Tallahassee, this offense cannot be classified as simple. One of the ways Norvell adds complexity to his offense is by varying formations and personnel groupings. Today’s video looks to give a basic background on the naming of personnel and different ways Norvell’s offense can utilize two-back formations:

20 personnel (two running backs with zero tight ends) is a great way to utilize versatile athletes. In these formations, players can be used in the running game as ball-carriers or lead-blockers and can be used in the passing game as pass-protectors or route-runners. As we see Norvell’s offense grow and develop during his tenure at Florida State, look for these formations as a method to efficiently utilize the athletes he attracts to Tallahassee.