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NFL 2020 Mock Draft: 3 rounds, with trades

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We might have gotten a little carried away.

The NFL Draft is underway in the theater at Madison Square G Photo by John Roca/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

We’ve detailed the winners of each division, conference and now, our Super Bowl champions:

Yes, in the terrible, fictional world we have created, the Miami Dolphins are Super Bowl champions. I hope everybody who voted in the poll can sleep guilt-free tonight.

If you’d like to see a peek behind the curtains on our process, here’s our full draft, along with a brief excerpt from that day’s chat log:

Jon Marchant: I can’t wait for the bengals to take cam akers no.1 overall, first rb since...(checks notes) Ki-Jana Carter in 1995!

CoachAB: NY Giants are on the clock. Trade offers being accepted. Who wants Tua more than Miami?

NoleThruandThru: None of my teams

Jon Marchant: daniel jones sucks, giants should take a qb. but they’re cowards

CoachAB: Lol somebody has to want Tua or Herbert

NoleThruandThru: Who has the Patriots and the Saints? Or I guess chargers.

Brett Nevitt: Does anyone want 6th pick

Jon Marchant: you don’t want a QB?

Brett Nevitt: I don’t want one at 6. I don’t think any of them are good enough

NoleThruandThru: Trade with the Pats or saints!

Brett Nevitt: Going to swap the Bucs and chargers picks. And add in a uhh

CoachAB: Needs to be a realistic deal

Jon Marchant: going up from 14 to 6 is big. what do the bucs give up for that?

Brett Nevitt: Can i do Bucs 1, 2, 5? Pretty sure that adds up to 1600 pick value. Or 1, 2, 4?

CoachAB: 1,2,4 works, if that’s what you want to do

CoachAB (11:29 AM): @perrykos is up with the Jags

CoachAB (1:25 PM) :@perrykos you up buddy?

perrykos (1:31 p.m.): Oh wait sorry, I thought we were doing 2 today


Brett Nevitt: off my draft board

CoachAB: My people already knew that

Brett Nevitt: The TB-LA-NE Bucs-Chargers-Patriots organization does not tolerate drugs

Brett Nevitt: patriots may trade up here

CoachAB: Brett loves to deal with himself

Brett Nevitt: Facts. dealing with a great guy. does the patriots first rounder and their second third work

CoachAB: Yes

Brett Nevitt: the patriots trade up and select…..ceedee lamb

Perry Kostidakis: great target for jameis

NoleThruandThru: Broncos continue the run on WRs and select Justin Jefferson

CoachAB: Wtf

NoleThruandThru: CoachAB may not make it to the second round

CoachAB: I can not believe what just happened

Lastnoleofkrypton: If this happens next thursday I will throw the hissiest of fits

Brett Nevitt: can we do some sort of draft every day? this is the biggest adrenaline rush ive had in quarantine besides playing my mom in ping pong

NoleThruandThru: @perrykos the lions have a trade offer for the jags

Perry Kostidakis: the superior big cat of the wild is listening

NoleThruandThru: Lions offer a 2nd (37 overall) and a 3rd (87 overall) for Yannick

Perry Kostidakis: the jagwars have accepted detroit’s trade offer

NoleThruandThru: Thank you! As an act of goodwill, Detroit will also send Matt patricias beard

Perry Kostidakis: matt patricia’s beard will be displayed on a wooden stick outside as a warning to others

Jon Marchant: Saints only have Brees for one more year and no Teddy now

Austin DeWitt: But Taysom, Jon

Perry Kostidakis: I forgot about future planning for the saints, those stupid idiots

Austin DeWitt: I’m fine with you ruining the Saints’ future, Perry.

Jon Marchant: Me too. Feleipe Franks is still on the Board. Don’t be a coward

Perry Kostidakis: Jon you make these jokes and then karma is gonna have licht draft him as brady’s heir apparent

Perry Kostidakis: After Brett trades his pick to Brett, Brett is up

CoachAB: Bill’s never moved up so much in all his drafts combined

Brett Nevitt: bill trying new things this year

Perry Kostidakis: just got out of a long term relationship. He might get an earring. A droptop, possibly


Perry Kostidakis: Okay I know this is all a joke but seriously let’s keep it at least moderately serious

He will never wear sleeves.

CoachAB: The fact Jordan Love is still available is unrealistic

Perry Kostidakis: Yeah it’s nuts. No running backs in the first round is believable tho

NoleThruandThru: Yeah this definitely isn’t accurate lol

Perry Kostidakis: Idk, I think it’s realistic the Bucs trade a pic to the chargers to the patriots.