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Florida State football: Undrafted free agent tracker

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Where are some of the newest professional Seminoles headed?

Samford v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The NFL draft has come and gone, with Florida State running back Cam Akers finding a new home during the draft process. Unfortunately, Akers was FSU’s lone draft pick this year.

Several other Seminoles are eligible to sign undrafted free agent contracts with teams, an arguably preferable course of action for players who might have been later rounds picks. This includes Stanford Samuels III and Levonta Taylor, among others.

We’ll be keeping track of those players here, so you can stay updated on what teams you can add to your “kind of rooting for but not really” list.


Stanford Samuels III has signed with the Green Bay Packers:

Ryan Roberts is signing with the Chargers:

Gabe Nabers has signed with the Chargers, as well:

Levonta Taylor is joining Cam Akers and Jalen Ramsey in LA: