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Florida State Football to offer ticket refunds

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Altered season-refund policy.

Alabama State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

With so much confusion surrounding the 2020 college football season, ticket holders are probably wondering about their status. Today Florida State announced its plans for the upcoming season. See the e-mail below from Florida State Athletics through Seminole Boosters:

Dear fellow Seminoles,

First and foremost, we hope you and your family remain safe during this time.

Thank you for your support of Florida State Athletics through Seminole Boosters. Whether you have already renewed your season tickets and made your annual fund commitment or are making decisions on how to proceed with your support for 2020, please allow us the opportunity to provide some information that may be helpful:


- 2020 football season tickets: The date for renewals was moved to May 1st. If you cannot make a decision by this time, please contact your account representative listed at the bottom of this message or respond directly to this email.

Option for Splitting Payments on Tickets

- If you renew your commitment now, you have the option to create a payment plan for both your ticket and Booster membership. If you need additional flexibility, please contact your account representative.

Refund Policy for Altered Season

Ticket holders will be offered a refund based on the value of their tickets for any game(s) that are not played. For instance, if we play five of six scheduled home games, the buyer would receive a refund for the value of the canceled game. Ticket value within a season ticket or ticket package may differ from the printed face value.

More Flexibility

- For any questions not listed above, please contact your account representative for additional assistance.

Your commitment to Florida State Athletics through Seminole Boosters allows our student-athletes to achieve excellence in the classroom, competition and in the community. When our home events resume; they will follow the proper recommendations of health officials and provide you with the comfort and safety you expect. These are unprecedented times, and we hope the information noted above will help as we all look ahead to the fall. Please call your account representative or respond directly to this message if you have any questions.