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Florida State football, recruiting news: Their bracket will never be busted

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Plus, the dead leg inspired a generation.

Peter Warrick Portrait


Five-star OL recruit (and FSU legacy) Julian Armella sat down with Tomahawk’s Josh Pick to talk about his recruitment, his relationship with Coach Atkins, and more. How important of a recruit do you think Armella is?

In case you missed it, check out the State of Recruiting, this time focusing on tight ends. In case you missed earlier ones, the article has links back to quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.

We might be in a recruiting dead period of sorts, but that doesn’t mean the staff is resting. They’re still sending out scholarship offers:

Honestly, there’s a ton of stuff going on with recruiting. Go ahead and get caught up on it all in the official Tribe 2021 recruiting thread.


Still time to vote in the Sweet Sixteen of the FSU Football GOAT march madness bracket. The choices are only going to get tougher from here.

If you missed any of our FSU offense/defense/scheme education the past few weeks, you can find it all here.

Linebackers coach Chris Marve is teaching a wealth class:

Other Sports:

The Burning Questions Sports Notebook on Women’s and Men’s basketball, Soccer, and Softball does a good job tackling the non-football sports and what the future holds for them — How will the Women’s basketball team replace its senior class? How quickly can Scottie Barnes get up to speed? Can Softball get its pitching issues ironed out, and how on Earth can the soccer team replace Deyna Castellanos?

Two ’Noles will put their Olympic dreams on hold — Izaak Bastian, who was aiming to represent the Bahamas in Tokyo this summer, and Lauren Hew, who was trying for a spot on the Cayman Islands team, will both have to wait.

FSU Baseball picks up second commit in as many days.

Does this count as e-sports? The Jeopardy! College Championships are here. I guess the sun never sets on FSU being in a bracket:

Their bracket will never be busted — FSU could have been playing for a banner last night:

A little opponent scouting:


Jameis Winston remains unsigned, but he’s using his time wisely, helping to set up a coronavirus hotline:

Time for class:

And that clip caught the attention of none other than Odell Beckham, Jr., who said he watched Peter Warrick’s game closely growing up: