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Whiteboard Wednesday: Video breakdown of Adam Fuller’s defense

The hybrid 4-3

NCAA Football: Memphis at South Florida Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

This is a week where we are taking a collective breather from our influx of new material on Norvell’s schemes and strategies.

Instead, we are choosing to backtrack and really solidify some of the concepts we’ve discussed so far. This started with an excellent Q and A session hosted by Coach AB which generated a rich discussion about some of the greatest plays in Florida State history. We are continuing by taking another look at Fuller’s defense.

At the beginning of our whiteboard Wednesday series, Jon Marchant and Coach AB gave a stellar background on Coach Adam Fuller’s defense. The information given in that article was so good that it warranted being retold in a different format.

Fuller’s defense should prove to be exciting, to say the least. It is designed to be variable in its approach and should have an aggressiveness that will remind Florida State fans of the glory days of Mickey Andrews. While it will take some time to get his system put in place, it has proven it can help Florida State get back to its rightful place in the college football landscape.