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Tomahawk Nation football scheme review: Presenting Four Verticals

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Talkin’ ball, four ways.

Those who enjoy the X’s and O’s of football often praise the “Coaches’ Film Room” broadcasts ESPN plays during National Championship and College Football Playoff games. Hearing veteran coaches talk shop is enjoyable and enlightening.

Here’s a great example of coaches predicting the fake punt Florida State ran in the BCS National Championship against Auburn:

Since, humbly, we have a few good football minds in our ranks and we know that we have the same in our readership, we wanted to do our own attempt at the same.

We call it: Four Verticals.

The first edition focuses on key and interesting plays from Memphis’ first game of the 2019 season against Ole Miss.

Join us for future editions of Four Verticals as we break down other games and plays relevant to FSU Football and its future.

If for some reason you don’t have anything going on or sports to watch, be sure to check out previous editions of Kevin Little’s videos as part of our Florida State football scheme analysis series.

These videos have been excellent, covering topics including recognizing Mike Norvell’s run game, the modern passing game, breaking down Adam Fuller’s defense, two back formations in the Norvell/Dillingham offense, and Norvell’s use of tight ends.