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Best Florida State football player in history bracket: We have a champion

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The fans have spoken, and a Heisman winner adds another title to his accolades

It’s been a month-long battle to the virtual death, watching all-time Florida State Seminoles football greats fall out and off the bracket as you, the beautiful and talented and smart and loyal readers of Tomahawk Nation, yelled and screamed and debated as to who should retain that top title.

Finally, we have our answer.

We are going to see a Sanders/Ward final two, I think.

And it’s justified. Warrick was absolutely amazing; Winston just transcendent as a QB, off-the-field issues being ignored. But Sanders and Ward … my head says Sanders, my heart says Ward. And then they swap places.

- dreamreal

I went Ward just because of the ‘92 come back win over Georgia Tech. Ward’s fourth quarter play was awe inspiring. Down 21-7 in the 4th and won 29-24. I’ll never forget that game.


I had to go with Ward over Peter Warrick. Warrick was incredible, but Charlie and that offense changed the game. Seeing him elude Warren Sapp to throw that touchdown again was the clincher for me

Deion Sanders was a great player and showman, but Charlie Ward was a Heisman Winner and won us a National Championship. Charlie Ward all the way.

-Elizabeth M. Wharton

I went with Charlie because what he did after getting put in the right offense for his skill set was just phenomenal. If Charlie didn’t have to sit for 2 years behind Weldon/Johnson and the Fast Break had shown up in 1991, FSU probably wins back to back titles in 92 and 93. Maybe even 91 as maybe the Fast Break beats Miami (and that THING never happens) and maybe Ward can avoid the punishment that Weldon took at the hands of Florida.


Charlie Ward changed football more than any player in my lifetime. And he did it with arguably the weakest cast of weapons in the entire FSU dynasty. After years of future NFL stars at RB, Sean Jackson was our starter. Pooh Bear at FB and Dunn as a true freshman were nice, but the receiving corps of McCorvey, Frier, Knox and Vanover was pedestrian by FSU standards.

I feel bad badmouthing any of our greats, but Ward is head and shoulders above everyone else.