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Florida State Seminoles unveil football uniform change

All that glistens was not gold.

Florida State Athletics

The Florida State Seminoles uniform and helmet combination is one of the most recognizable in all of college football. The garnet and gold is instantly associated with the Seminoles, unless you are a Jeopardy contestant. But in 2014, the Florida State athletic department, along with Nike, made the decision to alter the tradition.

Among other changes, the Seminoles moved away from traditional white numbers on the garnet jerseys and replaced these with gold. They also placed gold numbers on the FSU white jerseys, but that experiment ended quickly as the numbers were barely legible. The garnet had a new hue and some referred to the gold helmets as “mustard” like. Florida State over the past years has fixed some of these alterations, moving back to a more traditional garnet color and moving from mustard to a still below standards gold. But the white numbers were still missing in action.

Fans on message boards and social media have clamored for the change back to white numbers for years to no avail. But as of today, it looks like FSU fans can finally close their petitions. Florida State took to twitter to first post a cryptic tweet:

The message became clear though as Florida State then released additional information showing the changes to their uniforms.

Rest easy Seminole faithful, your prayers are now answered (unless you are one of those Keep this Chief fans). Coach Mike Norvell will look to lead a newly focused Seminole football team this fall. From playing style and attitude to updated uniforms, the Florida State Seminoles will look to leave the past few years behind them.