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Florida State football roster update: Jersey numbers, heights and weights updated

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Florida State at Clemson Photo by Doug Buffington/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Florida State Seminoles football’s newest players are on campus, just in time for the start of the school’s second summer semester, and with their arrival came a Florida State roster update.

All players signed in the class of 2020, as well as several transfers, all received jersey numbers and current players got updated measurables as the 2020 Florida State football roster takes shape.

Below are all changes and updates, along with heights and weights:

Weight changes, current players:

Freshman running back Ja’Khi Douglas: up three pounds to 193

Freshman wide receiver Bryan Robinson: up one pound to 200

Freshman tight end Carter Boatwright: up five pounds to 236

Freshman offensive lineman Thomas Shrader: up 12 pounds to 295

Freshman defensive end Quashon Fuller: up 10 pounds to 275

Freshman linebacker Stephen Dix Jr.: up 9 pounds to 235

Freshman defensive end Josh Griffis: up 11 pounds to 256

Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Ira Henry: up eight pounds to 313

Redshirt freshman defensive end Curtis Fann Jr.: up seven pounds to 265

Redshirt freshman defensive back Travis Jay: up three pounds to 191

Redshirt freshman defensive end Derrick McLendon II: up seven pounds to 251

Redshirt freshman defensive end Malcom Ray: up 12 pounds to 287

Redshirt sophomore linebacker Amari Gainer: up eight pounds to 227

Sophomore defensive tackle Tru Thompson: down three pounds to 301

Sophomore defensive back Akeem Dent: up 11 pounds to 191

Sophomore linebacker Jalen McRae: down eight pounds to 225

Sophomore linebacker Kalen DeLoach: down five pounds to 210

Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Chaz Neal: up 15 pounds to 311

Redshirt sophomore defensive end Dennis Briggs Jr.: up 10 pounds to 282

Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Jalen Goss: up four pounds to 271

Redshirt sophomore defensive back Jaiden Lars-Woodbey: up five pounds to 225

Junior defensive end Jarrett Jackson: down one pound to 275

Junior linebacker DeCalon Brooks: down six pounds to 210

Redshirt junior defensive end Joshua Kaindoh: up seven pounds to 265

Senior linebacker Leonard Warner: up nine pounds to 245

Senior linebacker Emmett Rice: up two pounds to 222

Senior defensive tackle Cory Durden: up three pounds to 315

Senior defensive back Cyrus Fagan: up nine pounds to 195

Senior defensive back Hamsah Nasirildeen: up eight pounds to 220

Senior defensive tackle Marvin Wilson: down five pounds to 305

Redshirt senior offensive lineman Devontay Love-Taylor: up seven pounds to 315


Redshirt sophomore defensive tackle Fabien Lovett (Mississsippi State transfer), No. 0, 6’4”, 315 pounds

Redshirt sophomore running back Jashaun Corbin (Texas A&M transfer), No. 0, 6’0”, 220 pounds

Sophomore defensive back Jarrian Jones (Mississippi State transfer), No. 7, 6’0”, 190 pounds

Sophomore running back La’Damian Webb (JUCO graduate), No. 8, 5’8”, 190 pounds

Redshirt senior defensive back Meiko Dotson (FAU transfer), No. 9, 5’11”, 195 pounds


Running back Lawrance Toafiili, No. 9, 6’0”, 180 pounds

Quarterback Chubba Purdy, No. 12, 6’2”, 212 pounds (up two pounds since signing day)

Defensive back Demorie Tate, No. 12, 6’1”, 190 pounds (up one pound since signing day)

Running back/athlete Corey Wren, No. 16, 5’10”, 185 pounds

Wide receiver Darion Williamson, No. 21, 6’3”, 180 pounds

Defensive end TJ Davis, No. 22, 6’3”, 270 pounds (up 20 pounds since signing day)

Defensive back Sidney Williams, No. 23, 6’1”, 202 pounds (up four pounds since signing day)

Defensive back Jadarius Green-McKnight, No. 24, 5’11”, 220 pounds (up 16 pounds since signing day)

Linebacker Jayion McCluster, No. 43, 6’1”, 227 pounds (up 21 days since signing day)

Linebacker DJ Lundy, No. 46, 6’1”, 244 pounds

Offensive lineman Robert Scott Jr., No. 52, 6’5”, 320 pounds (up 15 pounds since signing day)

Offensive lineman Thomas Shrader, No. 67, 6’5”, 283 pounds

Offensive lineman Lloyd Willis, No. 70, 6’7”, 310 pounds

Tight end Markeston Douglas, No. 85, 6’4”, 255 pounds

Wide receiver Kentron Poitier, No. 88, 6’3”, 200 pounds