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Florida State football starts “Adopt a School” with Riley Elementary

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FSU’s efforts in the community continue

Florida State Football Program Leads a Unity Walk in Tallahassee Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Since star defensive tackle Marvin Wilson started a discussion about social justice within the Florida State football program last month, the team has shown a dedicated effort to improve their contributions within the community and elevate themselves to the status of “more than an athlete.”

That’s been demonstrated in actions from defensive tackle Corey Durden organizing a unity walk for Tallahassee to Wilson starting his own advocacy program for children. But the biggest example so far has come from the team launching its “Adopt a School” service, which is starting with Riley Elementary school, which sits just two miles down the road from Florida State’s campus.

Florida State is teaming up with the school to provide books — not just for the classroom, but for home reading as well — as well as constructing a rock garden that’ll be a place for students to leave a lasting mark.

“Our goal is to help out and not only for one day, but to have it for generations and have a meaningful impact,” redshirt sophomore Amari Gainer said.

The full release is below:

Florida State University Football has formed a partnership with John G. Riley Elementary School. On Wednesday, July 15, football players, FSU staff, and Coach Mike Norvell will assist with several campus beautification projects. An overarching sentiment behind the projects is to promote school pride forged in diversity through the following pillars: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Team Player, and Be Kind. John G. Riley wants to instill the principle of kindness being the universal language in its students. Notably, FSU football players will be building a rock garden as one of its special projects. When students return to John G. Riley Elementary School for the 2020-2021 school year, they will creatively paint and decorate a rock with a kind word that has significance to them.

Through the partnership, FSU football will be conducting a book drive in the future to provide books for the school’s library and classroom libraries. In addition, students will be encouraged to take a book home, so that they can repeatedly read and share it with their families, while creating memories and traditions in their homes.

While performing the community service projects, the volunteers from FSU will adhere to COVID-19 safety precautions, which include prior COVID-19 screening, temperature check prior to volunteering, completing a COVID-19 questionnaire, wearing masks, and social distancing.