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Battle Royale: Which two ACC Mascots are you choosing to defend your life?

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Orange you glad we didn’t pick Sebastian?

A question was posed on twitter.

A question of the utmost importance. Given a certain set of options, what animals would you choose to defend you from the potential attack of truly vicious predators? If 10,000 rats, three grizzly bears, and four lions were among your foes, who do you choose to defend you?

The obvious answer?

The wolves and the gunman. This is not up for debate

What is up for debate, however, is what ACC mascots you would pick to defend you against their adversaries.

Do you pick Clemson’s cocaine-fueled Eightball the Tiger? His claws move faster than anything else in the hemisphere, but would he choose cutting lines in the Duke Blue Devil’s face or would he stop and rip that gator tail on the mirror table that Miami’s Sebastian just happens to keep in his apartment?

Here’s your chance:

Do you have faith in the luck of the Irish? Is the prospect of sending the Louisville Cardinal Bird to peck out the eyes of your enemies like Pappy McPoyle enticing? Florida State brings the power of a score of Cimarrons to the table. The university is decidedly underrepresented, but can anything overpower the all-encompassing, influencer and magician swallowing orange hole that is the Fyre Fest of Syracuse?

Take your picks, and choose carefully. Which ACC mascots do you want on your side?