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What’s wrong with the FSU offensive line? Part 3

Hint- this one isn’t about the offensive line

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

There are major holes plaguing the Florida State Seminoles football offensive line.

In part one we discussed how the constant coaching carousel in Tallahassee has helped lead to some miscommunication errors. These are the quick and easy fixes.

We then moved on to the fact that oftentimes FSU’s linemen just aren’t good enough individually. Luckily there was some silver lining here as well. Many of these issues arose from freshmen. Offensive linemen require the most development out of any position and therefore require some patience when newcomers are thrown into the fire.

Now we turn our eyes away from the front line. The quarterbacks did not help themselves last year. Slow decisions and poor pocket presence often made the line look worse than they are. Maybe they get more hate than they deserve; however, that’s a pretty big maybe.

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Despite the horrific nature of these clips I think fans should come away from this series with some optimism.

These issues are not impossible to overcome. In fact I would venture to guess if you did a similar series for almost any other team in the nation you would run into similar issues. The next step of having an adequate offensive line isn’t to eradicate these errors altogether. They just need to get a bit better at limiting them.