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ACC, SEC, Big 12 aiming to play football in 2020

The conferences could still play in the spring.

Instant Replay Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Shortly after a media event at Florida State’s Al Dunlap Athletic Training Facility featuring Florida governor Ron DeSantis, Florida State athletic director David Coburn and Florida State Seminoles football head coach Mike Norvell, the Big 10 announced the postponement of fall sports.

Not all members of the conference are interested in going along with the Big 10 though, as Nebraska Cornhuskers is reportedly one of two schools that voted to play in the fall.

The Pac-12 has cancelled its 2020 football season, reportedly cancelling all non-conference basketball games as well.

The ACC, Big 12 and SEC have made comments that they feel football is safe to play in the fall and have pushed forward in doing so:

It is unclear if Big 10 schools plan to close campuses altogether or just shutter sports for the fall. If players are interested in transferring to a school that does intend to play football in the fall NCAA regulations say that schools must not block them for transferring.

The Big 10 was the first Power 5 conference to cancel/postpone fall sports following the lead of the MAC and Mountain West with some independents like UConn and UMass joining in the mix.

There are many levels to this decision that conferences and their member schools will have to deal with. What are players who want to play expected to do? If sports are not able to be played, how can you have people on campus at all? Are players really safer on their own or in the care of the athletic departments of the universities they attend? How will coaches hold onto current players and recruit others if some conferences play but some don’t? How will the NFL combine and Draft be impacted, if at all?

Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z.