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Florida State football, recruiting news: Roundtables, opt-outs, and postponements

Chaos in college football day two: Electric Boogaloo

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds Collegiate Athletics Roundtable at Florida State University Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


The Big 10 and Pac 12 both announced their plans to postpone the football season with hopes of playing in Spring, while the SEC and ACC are still planning to play.

The Big 12 are also reportedly moving forward with the season:

Defensive line depth took another hit as a second player in the unit opted out of the season due to the coronavirus.

Players opting out isn’t just exclusive to FSU as plenty of players across the country of chosen to do the same as a movement for strengthening health procedures and clarifying other unknowns for college athletes has been in the news.

Sticking with the theme of coronavirus because unfortunately that is all there is to talk about, FSU President John Thrasher held a press conference with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in regards to the viability of playing the football season.

A clip from that press conference:

Cameron Burke, an infectious disease expert at Duke believes there is a path to playing a safe college football season:

In part 3 of our self loathing series “What’s wrong with FSU’s O-line?” Our Kevin Little shows that the Seminoles’ quarterbacks didn’t help themselves much, either.

A pretty cool slo-mo video from practice, including a nice jump ball snag by Keyshawn Helton in one-on-one’s vs Asante Samuel Jr:


FSU commit Byron Turner has a chip on his shoulder and the mentality you love to see in an incoming player:

As always, stay up to date with all things FSU recruiting in Tomahawk Nation’s recruiting thread.

Other Sports:

College basketball Analyst sat down with Leonard Hamilton to discuss a wide range of topics both on and off the court: