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Three (over)reactions from CoachAB on Wednesday’s Florida State practice

A team on the rise.

Florida State made its way out to the practice fields Wednesday morning donning full pads. The previous two practices have been in shells, but today the Seminoles suited up fully.

Something about full pads makes it feel real.

Just as before Seminoles Productions released some footage from practice, and we have an opportunity to (over)react. This time, we’re talking about progress.

Jarvis Brownlee

Jarvis Brownlee might be unknown to some FSU fans, but boy can he ball. Brownlee mirrors the release perfectly displaying good, quick feet. Patience is key, though, and Brownlee stays on the balls of his feet and doesn’t bail or reach, instead trusting his speed. An underthrown ball puts Brownlee in position to make an interception, but make no mistake about it, the redshirt freshman has Keyshawn Helton blanketed. Look for more from the Miami Gardens native this upcoming season.

It’s nice to see a defensive back in position to make a play.

Offensive Line

There is nothing magical to this clip of Maurice Smith/Brady Scott and Zane Herring/Devontay Taylor, but isn’t it beautiful to watch offensive linemen combo-block. This is a classic drill where offensive linemen work on footwork and eye-discipline. It’s very early in the process of teaching progression, but fundamental to good OL play. This is a drill Alex Atkins will have them work every day.

My (over)reaction on this clip: look at them get off the ball, elbows tight, firing their hands—simply stated, it’s an artistic masterpiece. These are four offensive linemen who could play a big role this year and they need to continue to do the little things.

*Scott looks explosive off the ball.

Kentron Poitier

Earlier, we saw Brownlee in perfect coverage, and we see it here again, but the difference in this clip is the size and playmaking ability of freshman wide receiver Kentron Poitier. This is the second time we’ve gotten footage of Poitier high-pointing a football and making a highlight reel catch. Poitier has a big frame with a long wing-span, and you see how he uses his hands to create space.

There’s a boatload of talent at WR on FSU’s roster, but we’re seeing a rookie try to force his way in. There are clear physical skills and coordination with this young man. Let’s see if it translates to this fall and playing time. Mike Norvell loves big bodied receivers out wide, so there’s certainly an opportunity.

These are my overreactions to yesterday’s action. Now, it’s time for yours — what stood out to you? What are you looking for moving forward?