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Florida State fall camp notebook: August 13

Less than a month out from kickoff, FSU is in full pads for the second time.

Update, 12:20 PM

There wasn’t much talk about football in today’s media availability. Mike Norvell, Jaiden Lars-Woodbey, and Joshua Kaindoh spoke on the situation surrounding Warren Thompson and DJ Matthews’ messages on twitter. In total, there were two football questions asked on the day.

Norvell stressed that his team is voluntarily in Tallahassee taking part of practices because they feel safe under the protocols. The head coach said the their is full transparency throughout the team and that the coaches has been open to the players questions and concerns at all times. Norvell said, “We’ve been very open and transparent throughout this process. We’ve had a voluntary camp, voluntary summer process.”

The coach was not allowed to speak on specific numbers of positive cases due to school policy. Norvell did say that FSU has had four total tests since the start of voluntary workouts, and will be doing weekly testing moving forward. For more from Norvell, scroll down to the comments, or read more here.

Both Lars-Woodbey and Kaindoh stressed that they feel completely safe under the direction of FSU’s coaching and training staffs. Kaindoh said, “Personally, I feel safe. If I didnt, then I wouldn’t be here. I’m just continuing to prepare and practice.”

After recently putting out a tweet supporting the training staff, Lars-Woodbey said, I just felt like I needed to say my part. The coaches they gave us the option to play or not to play. The thing that comes with us playing, we have to follow the protocols.”

The defensive back also mentioned that Coach Norvell has been doing a “great job” since he arrived in Tallahassee and that he has been a great communicator.

Florida State Seminoles football is back at on the gridiron today, for the second time heading to the field in full pads and during a single practice period.

Yesterday, head coach Mike Norvell spoke on FSU’s first full contact day, mentioning that he enjoyed the energy of the day and mentioning a few players who stood out:

“We were able to introduce some redzone situations,” he said during a Zoom interview with media Wednesday. “It was really kind of the first time for us to do that. We weren’t able to get into that in spring practice, so it was good to do some extensive teaching there. Guys were definitely flying around. It was good to see some of the explosiveness and physicality is starting to show up through the development of our fundamentals and technique.”

We expect to hear from Norvell, as well as a few to-be-determined players, starting at 11:30 today. Brett Nevitt will be updating you all throughout availability in the comment section below, with the ghost of Turnover Backpack updating on our Twitter as well.