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Florida State fall camp notebook: August 17

Florida State is back at it after the team’s first scrimmage

Update, 12:30 PM

Mike Norvell spoke to the media this morning and had a couple injury updates to start off the day. He revealed that Jordan Wilson had a season ending injury in practice and will miss all of the 2020 season, before applying for a sixth year in 2021. Norvell also mentioned that quarter back Chubba Purdy will be out a “few weeks” with an undisclosed injury.

Today was a physical day of practice, Norvell said, and it was another that the defense dominated. Norvell said, “ Offense struggled to do much of any thing today.” He also mentioned that the team’s mental toughness and mindset has to be improved in the next couple weeks.

Last night, Warren Thompson retracted his statement from last week and apologized to the program. Norvell is ready to have him back a part of the program, “Warren Thompson is apart of our program. I love Warren.”

Update, 12:40 PM

Tight ends coach Chris Thomsen spoke to the media about the loss of Jordan Wilson. He mentioned that Wilson had been having a nice camp and was bringing the physicality that they want out of the group. He also said that Wilson has responded to the injury really well and is ready to attack rehab.

Thomsen spoke on a couple guys that he expects to step up in Wilson’s absence. The ceiling is the highest for Camren McDonald. He said, “He’s got some natural route running ability. He knows he’s not as natural as an in-line blocker, but he’s worked really hard to get better there. He was pretty solid there on Saturday in game. he’s working really hard to become a well-rounded tight end. I think the sky’s the limit for him.”

Update, 12:55 PM

We heard from three players today in Wyatt Rector, Jarvis Brownlee, and Emmett Rice.

Rector spoke on his move from QB to TE and how he’s adjusted to that. He’s been able to take some things from QB and apply them to the TE position, but he’s had to work the most on blocking. He said, “I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more physical since the spring. I was just learning the basics of blocking in the spring. I’ve gotten way better as a blocker. My physicality is there, I just need to keep improving.”

He also mentioned how the three-back has to know just as much as the quarterback in Norvell’s system. He feels like he has to learn just as much at tight end this year, “Playing the 3-back in this offense is kind’ve like playing QB. We have to know what everyone on the field is doing at the same time.”

Brownlee has been a name that has popped up multiple times this pre-season. He’s forced multiple turnovers and gotten a lot of praise from coaches. For him, it’s all been about consistency and technique. He said, “Just staying consistent with my technique. I’m just going to keep working and stacking good days.”

Brownlee came in as a three-star and the 546th ranked prospect in the country. He said he’s always felt underrated and that he’s ready to prove people wrong. “Honestly I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since I was little. I’ve always been underrated, so I’m ready to show who I really am.”

Rice is one of the veterans in a linebacker room that has been infused with young talent this fall. He knows those young guys are eager to be some of the next great linebackers at Florida State. “They’re ready to work, they’re eager to be great. Us older guys are just trying our best to be a good example for those guys.”

He also said that the depth the new guys bring makes the older guys and the entire room even better. “The increased level of competition just pushes everybody to go harder. You can’t have an off day, because someone is breathing down your neck to take your spot.”

On Saturday, Florida State Seminoles football scrimmaged for the first time under new head coach Mike Norvell.

“It was great. It was a great night to play football. It was great seeing those guys compete. I’m excited about this team because of their passion to get better,” he said during a Zoom interview with media Saturday. “We challenge them in every aspect. We want these guys to be the best versions of themselves. Definitely glad that they’re seeing the growth that comes with it and i’m honored to be their coach.”

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller talked about the progress the defense still needs to make (“we have experience, but we need winning experience”) while offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham lauded the offensive line’s progress under coach Alex Atkins, in addition to explaining the process of coaching up his quarterbacks (“we put it all on their plate and say, ‘how much can you eat?’”)

Follow along in the comments, as well as on our Twitter and Instagram, as we hear from Norvell and other members of the Florida State team today, starting around 11:30 a.m.