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Four Verticals: Breaking down FSU’s first scrimmage

Over-analyze this!

There’s only so much information you can take out of the two minutes of awkwardly angled video that Florida State Seminoles football was so kind to supply us with from the scrimmage last Saturday.

However if anyone knows how to over-analyze, it’s the Four Verticals crew.

If you’re just now hearing of this scrimmage make sure to check out Adam Brown’s initial overreactions here but if you’re here because you’re still clamoring for more overreactions then you’re in the right place.

We got to see quarterbacks taking off from the backfield. We got to see defensive ends blowing up plays. We were even graced with two made extra points. Join us as we give the most grandiose predictions ever made based on two minutes of practice footage.

Well I hope you had fun because we certainly did. Let us know if you enjoyed the new format. If you don’t know what the old format looked like check it out here. We look forward to hearing your own overreactions in the comments below.