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FSU Football video breakdown: Freshmen Quarterback preview

Breaking down film of FSU’s signal-calling newbies.

It’s a tale as old as time — everyone’s favorite player on a losing team is the backup quarterback.

For a program with a recent losing streak, everyone’s favorite quarterback is the one that gives hope of change. As of now, it appears Chubba Purdy* holds that fan-favorite crown for Florida State Seminoles football — even despite the news of his recent injury. His electric highlight tape and extra star by his name makes him stand out compared to his peer in the 2020 class, Tate Rodemaker.

*This was recorded prior to the announcement that Purdy had been injured.

What we’re going to try and answer today is: is this hype warranted? How do the skillsets of these two players stack up against one another? Do either represent an immediate upgrade over the returning quarterbacks?

We already spent some time discussing James Blackman and Jordan Travis but since we only have video of them excelling against high school opponents, the newcomers are a bit harder to evaluate. We don’t have a full picture of their abilities — we can just see the highlights they want us to see.

So join us on our newest round of hasty generalizations as we look at the most recent additions to Florida State Seminoles quarterback room.

Unfortunately neither CoachAB nor myself are Nostradamus. We cannot tell you how the next four years of these young men’s lives are going to go down. We can use our basic instincts and experience breaking down film to inform us but there is a world of other opinions out there.

Make sure you leave us yours. We’d love to tell you why we disagree.

*Editor’s note: The original subhead to this was “This Rodemaker kid is Purdy good!” It tore my heart apart to not keep it in there, but I hope that I can make up some sort of cosmic good in this world by sharing it here.