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Florida State football: Video from August 20 practice

Keyshawn Helton catching punts and DJ Lundy laying hits

FSU sports information

Florida State Seminoles football was back on the practice field today for what head coach Mike Norvell called possibly the team’s most physical yet.

“I think our mentality has been better. Really competitive practice. Probably our most physical practice that we’ve had.”

“It was planned. There’s time we try to come off a lighter workload, we wanted to crank it up a little bit. I thought our guys responded well. The competitive juices were flying.”

It followed a lighter practice yesterday that saw the team focus on special teams and situational drills, which itself led way to a team-bonding excursion that players and coaches alike have said had a profound impact.

“This is my fifth year here and I don’t think this is anything we’ve ever done,” senior defensive end Janarius Robinson said. “Knowing that someone looks at you more than just on the field. They can know how you react and why and know how to communicate with you.”

Florida State Sports Information shared videos of today’s practice, which features. amongst other things, Tamorrion Terry doing Scary Terry things, Fabian Lovett and Marvin Wilson competing, DJ Lundy showing off his hit stick, Keyshawn Helton catching punts.