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Introducing Seminole Wrap: A Florida State Football Podcast

Have y’all heard of these podcast things?

Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

Brace yourselves for something no sports or media publication has ever done, or even thought of doing: Tomahawk Nation, your favorite source for all things Florida State Seminoles athletics especially because you don’t have to pay money for it, is debuting a podcast centered around FSU football.

We’re calling it the Seminole Wrap, well, for a lot of reasons, but mainly because we’ll be giving you the most efficient, self-sticking, well-rounded wrap of all things Florida State that you could hope for. Hosted by Tomahawk Nation staff writers TimScribble and Juan Montalvo and managing editor Perry Kostidakis, we’ll be dropping new episodes each Monday, bringing in a rotating cast of Tomahawk contributors to help catch you up on all aspects of Seminoles sports.

First up this week, we have Trey Rowland, writer and retired The Rowlcast host, coming aboard to discuss early impressions of head coach Mike Norvell, which FSU coach has the most terrifying death stare, who his greatest wrestler of all-time is and more. We also get a quick recruiting update, quickly recap the scrimmage before our scheme team drops their full Four Verticals analysis later this week and discuss FSU’s recent investment into fostering relationships within the team.

You can find it on Apple Podcasts here, all other currently available platforms here or embedded below: