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Four Verticals: Breaking down Florida State football’s second fall scrimmage

All good things come in pairs

Florida State Sports Information

Florida State Seminoles football suited up last Saturday in their second and final fall scrimmage.

This scrimmage was full of excitement, hard hits and dynamic plays, (or, you know, so we assume.) It’s really impossible to tell as Florida State decided to only release a minute and a half segment of poorly shot and sorrowfully angled footage of the venture (cinematographers everywhere are shuddering).

However this will not hinder the Four Vertical crew from doing what it does best — talking for way too long about football. So if you’re in a mood to hear people talk about football, and I mean real footbawl, not summarizing coach-speak, then join us as we try to wring this footage dry of any and all meaning that we can.

The season is getting closer and closer and while this might not be the best look into the program it will probably be the best we can get until the Georgia Tech game rolls around.

There’s a lot to be excited about and a lot to be nervous about. We went through the effort to give you all our overreactions on camera so the least you can do is give us your thoughts in the comments below.