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Three (over)reactions from Florida State’s first day of practice with CoachAB


Florida State football started practice today, so welcome Seminole fans, to the land of five minute video clips and extreme overreactions. This is an opportunity for us to look at some clips from practice that made me stop and say “hmm, I like it.”

Let’s jump into it.

Blackman to Thompson

We have James Blackman to Warren Thompson, and immediately I said, “His motion is much tighter.” Seriously, though, the ball looks loaded deeper, and there’s not a long windup. It’s just day one, so take a deep breath.

(By the way, I see you, Warren! That’s a big, fluid athlete if I’ve ever seen one.)

Jordan Travis

It’s not a secret the former staff didn’t believe in Travis as a thrower. In recent QB talk Tomahawk Nation demonstrated how out of sync Travis was with his upper and lower body. Well...Houston, we have rhythm! Look how the arm and front knee are linked together. Is that weight on the front leg?

Make no bones about it, Jordan Travis is a factor.

The Back Shoulder Fade

FSU fans are used to seeing “Scary Terry” run go routes all day long. Well look at this rhythm back-shoulder throw against tight coverage. Do you overplay the long-ball, or respect the back-shoulder or comeback? Good luck!

This is Terry’s game at the next level, and it’s great to see. Somebody else clearly likes it, as well.

These are my overreactions to yesterday’s action. Now, it’s time for yours — what stood out to you? What are you looking for moving forward?