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Florida State fall camp notebook: August 8

We’ll have a running stream of the day, followed by full recaps of interviews and practice

Update: 11:20 AM

We heard from Florida State’s quarterbacks for the first time today as James Blackman and Jordan Travis took the podium. Both QBs spoke on the changes in the offensive system and how that can highlight their strengths.

In video from yesterday, we saw that Blackman’s arm motion was a bit tighter and the mechanics as a whole were smoother. Today he mentioned that he has specifically worked on his elbow, saying, “Just trying to keep that back elbow tight.”

He also mentioned that the mental aspect of his game has been the thing the coaching staff has helped him improve on the most. The reads of the defense are starting to become easier for the fourth-year QB, as he said, “Just the mental aspect. Just knowing what the defense wants to take away from us and how they do that.”

Travis also looked more in sync yesterday in day one of practice. For Travis, the key for him the last few months was staying ready and positive, “Honestly just trying to stay positive. Every single day trying to get better.”

With a new system, comes new opportunities for Travis, a QB that’s known for his running but wants to show people he can sling it too. He’s ready to showcase his skills in Mike Norvell’s offense, “There’s obviously different parts of the offense that go with each QB. I’ve learned a lot of things this year that I had never learned about football.”

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Update, 2:15 PM

Mike Norvell, Alex Atkins, Chubba Purdy, and Tate Rodemaker are scheduled to speak to the media around 3:30. You can follow along in the comment section below.

Update, 4:00 PM

Mike Norvell was very positive when talking about day two of practice. Norvell mentioned that the focus for today was special teams, as they hit on all four phases. The new head coach spoke on how special teams is a key indicator of a team’s unity and their buy-in to the process.

Norvell also confirmed that the Seminoles will be in pads for the first time tomorrow. There are currently many doubts around the college football season, but Norvell said, “We got to control what we can control.” He’s still focused on preparing for a September 12th kick off against Georgia Tech.

After highlighting the quarterbacks and running backs yesterday, Norvell spoke highly of the offensive line on day two, saying, “It’s going to be a good group for us.”

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Update, 4:40 PM

Alex Atkins met with the media for the first time this fall today. Without time to physically work with his OL, he’s still waiting for them to get pads on to really point out any certain standouts. He mentioned multiple times how cross-training the offensive linemen leads to the most deep and best OL possible.

Teaching technique was very different this year for Atkins, but he made it work as best he could, saying, “We really broke it down to the T and the finer points of it. Showed lots of examples of it, videos of NFL players and such.”

He also talked about the position battle at center, mentioning that the competition is close and could come down to accuracy of snaps. He said, “All three guys we’re continuing to evaluate. They’re all pushing each other.”

For Atkins full presser, see below:

Update, 4:50 PM

We got to hear from freshmen quarterbacks Chubba Purdy and Tate Rodemaker for the first time today. Purdy spoke about how he’s had to pick up the offense virtually, but that he doesn’t feel behind at the start of camp. He virtually met with a coach every day to learn the playbook, “Before I got here, I’d go over plays with one of the coaches. We’d go over some of the installs so I wouldn’t be far behind when I got here.”

FSU got into Purdy’s recruitment with only a few weeks left to signing day, but was still able to flip him from a Louisville commitment. Purdy mentioned that the production QBs have shown under Norvell and Dillingham led to his decision. The freshman QB said, “When I was on my visit, Norvell was telling me how much success every QB he’s coached has had. I really liked that and jumped on that.”

Rodemaker was an early enrollee, but only got three spring practices before being sent him due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Rodemaker still sees his early enrollment as a positive, as he said, “I’ve probably gained about ten pounds. I was on a campus a few months it was good having a few months of college experience. I think it was a huge benefit despite getting just three spring practices.”

Both the freshmen find themselves immediately in a four-way battle for the starting spot. The experience and leadership of Blackman and Travis have helped the young guys. Rodemaker said, “We’re all asking each others questions. We want to get better. Off the field we’re all really good friends so we just want to make each other better by competing.”

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Well, it feels good to be back, huh?

Florida State Seminoles football has kicked off fall camp, with yesterday serving as the first official practice of the year.

As with everything you could name this year, things are happening a little differently, with interviews being conducted virtually and practices closed off for precautions.

To keep you up the date with all the latest happenings of the day, we’ll be keeping a running notebook of all player and coach interviews, as well as get you practice video and photos as soon as we can.

Let’s get you caught up first.

We’ve now heard from Florida State Seminoles football coaches and players for two days, here are some of the highlights:

Defensive tackle Marvin Wilson: “For me personally, I have work here to do in Tallahassee and I’m going to get that done.”

Wide receiver “ Terry: “I came back for a reason. I don’t want to be average. I want to be great. I told Coach Norvell I came back to win ball games.”

Running back Jashuan Corbin: “Seeing how [coaches Norvell and Dillingham] use the running backs, being in the back field and being put out wide, I feel like that just plays into my abilities perfectly.”

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller: “We’ve got a long way to go as a defense — but I’m seeing the willingness to learn and progress.”

Offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham: “I think the key for [the freshman quarterbacks] is to just get better every day. That’s the key for a true freshman quarterback, if you want to be ‘the guy’, you have to carry yourself like ‘the guy’.”

We also learned yesterday that defensive end Jamarcus Chatman will be opting out of the season.

Follow along in the comments throughout the day, as well as on our Twitter and Instagram. We expect to hear from our first round of players at 10:30 a.m., followed by another group at 3:30 p.m.