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Seminole Wrap: Instant Reaction Podcasts, Georgia Tech 16, FSU 13

Well, that sucked.

Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

The Seminole Wrap is normally hosted by the dynamic trio of Juan Montalvo, Perry Kostidakis, and Tim Alumbaugh. Our group brings different perspectives, thought processes, and ideas to the table

For our immediate post game instant reaction podcasts, however, we want to make sure we get a podcast out quickly for your immediate post game consumption.

Tonight, Florida State lost 16-13 to Georgia Tech. Juan Montalvo bit the bullet and gave his immediate takeaways from a disappointing debut for Mike Norvell, with CoachAB offerin his own takes on the loss.

A few key items from tonight’s debacle were discussed:

  • The injuries FSU faced throughout the game - from defensive line star Joshua Kaindoh, to the bevy of offensive line starters who missed reps: Darius Washington, Dontae Lucas, Maurice Smith, and Deontae Love-Taylor
  • The... suspect cramps Georgia Tech players happened to have each time Florida State crossed the 50 yard line and entered Yellow Jacket territory
  • Adam Fuller not coaching with the “offense on defense” mentalty
  • Mike Norvell being in Year -1, getting just 3 of 15 spring practices and trying to install new systems on Zoom

Tonight’s instant reaction Seminole Wrap is on all your favorite platforms for podcasts. The regular weekly Seminole Wrap episode will come out Monday, but make sure to catch the instant reaction pod.

You can find it on Apple Podcasts here, all other currently available platforms here (including Google Podcasts, finally!) or embedded below:

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