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Four Verticals: Breaking down FSU’s loss to Georgia Tech

A lot of bad to unpack.

Don Juan Moore

The first game of the Mike Norvell era of Florida State Seminoles football began with a strong couple of drives, and ended much like many recent FSU games: in a disappointing and nearly predictable fashion. Georgia Tech’s 16-13 win over the Seminoles won’t be erased from ‘Noles fans’ memories anytime soon.

Four Verticals is not here for a pity party, however, we are here to analyze schematically what went wrong in Norvell’s first game. From a lack of variation in run blocking schemes to mismatches at the boundary corner position, there are a lot of factors that influenced the outcome to discuss at a level deeper than simply the quarterback play or injuries on the offensive line and Fox positions.

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The Four Verticals crew will continue analyzing FSU Football throughout the season to look past just the scoreboard and box score to see what went right, what went wrong, and if/where there progress is being made.

Let us know your thoughts on our analysis in the comments below.