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Four Verticals: What can FSU improve for the Miami game?

What ways can the Seminoles build on their strengths?

Alabama State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The last week and some change of Florida State Seminoles football has been less than encouraging. FSU lost a close game at home to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, head coach Mike Norvell has contracted the coronavirus, and they are facing one of the hottest teams in the country in the Miami Hurricanes.

However not all is lost. There were glimmers of hope scattered throughout that initial game.

Today the Four Verticals crew, minus one Juan Montalvo, will be discussing how you can take what we saw last Saturday and build off the positive.

This is....Three & A Half Verticals.

As a fan base, the expectations for this season should have been low. Unfortunately, the season is appearing bleaker than anyone could have predicted. The first game was a tough loss and the next game does not appear to be much different.

However, the measure of this season should not be the losses that FSU takes at the beginning of the year. The true measure of success for this wacky season should be the improvements they show along the way.

What are your takeaways after watching? What else do you think FSU can focus on?