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Norvell provides updates on Jordan Travis, DJ Matthews

The head coach spoke on the two during Friday’s media availability

During Friday’s media availability, head coach Mike Norvell spoke on the status of two players who have been missing from practice photo and video: quarterback Jordan Travis and receiver DJ Matthews.

Norvell has addressed the status of both in the past, with him alluding to issues that Travis was dealing with that he “wasn’t particularly worried about.” As for Matthews, he’s been missing from practice since the day he tweeted, then deleted, that he had tested positive for coronavirus — Norvell, when asked previously, has said that Matthews was “working through his process.”

That’s something he repeated today, though adding that he hadn’t spoken to the receiver “in a little while,” a slight change since we last heard. No further information was given, outside of confirmation that he hasn’t been at practice.

As for Travis, Norvell confirmed that he’s back out at practice, and had a “good week.” Travis, the younger brother of former Florida State Seminoles and Toronto Blue Jays player Devon Travis, had seen some game action sparingly during last season, and had been thought to have a moderate shot at competing for reps at quarterback — something that still may be a possibility in some special packages.

“I think Jordan Travis, the growth and development that he has had, is remarkable,” Norvell said on August 21. “I know there are a lot of questions about different parts of his game coming into the season but just like I told him when I first got here, just give us an opportunity to coach you, let’s see what you do well and let’s try to put you in the best position to achieve success. I put no limits to what that young man can do.