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Notes from Mike Norvell call-in show: Georgia Tech week

Highlights from the pilot episode of Norvell’s call-in show

Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell Introduction Press Conference
Tomahawk Nation

Now that it is game week with this Saturday’s season opener with Georgia Tech looming, Florida State Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell will host his first-ever call-in show with the Noles. The show will air live locally in Tallahassee on ABC at 7 p.m. (you can stream it here.)

With host Tom Block, it will likely be very similar to the past call-in shows of Bobby Bowden, Jimbo Fisher, and Willie Taggart.

Join us in the comments for live updates and quotes throughout the hour.

Update, 8:06 PM

FSU head coach Mike Norvell began his first ever call-in show with Florida State by discussing the excitement around the program now that game week is finally here. He looked back on the unique offseason that was and said that “Sometimes the greatest challenges you face sometimes bring along the greatest blessings. It’s forced our coaching staff to find different ways to connect.”

Norvell then went down the line, discussing each position group more in-depth. When he talked about special teams and it’s importance in his program, he pointed out that it can be a great way for players to carve out a career in the NFL as well. Norvell sounded pleased with the running backs, touting each one of their individual skills.

Later, strength and conditioning coach Josh Storms spoke about the team’s progress during the offseason and how it was affected by the quarantine. Storms said that there was “no optimal program” during that situation but that the players were “resourceful and creative” getting their proper workouts in.

Finally redshirt junior quarterback James Blackman stepped in, and reiterated a few times how much he is looking forward to Saturday. Blackman praised all aspects of the offense, and notably said he thought the offensive line is the “most put-together aspect” of the offense right now.

Norvell’s call-in show will air each Monday.