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Four Verticals: FSU vs. Georgia Tech preview and predictions

Plus, some ridiculous fun

James Blackman

We made it.

We’ve broken down scrimmages and practice footage for you, trying to glean anything and everything tight-angle videos could possibly show.

But it’s finally game week for Florida State Seminoles football, who are set to host Georgia Tech this Saturday for their 2020 season opener and so naturally, we’re turning our attention to the Yellow Jackets. We’re breaking down some playmakers, discussing the quarterback situation and also tried to have some fun with some season predictions, including drafting our own teams of five that we’ll track all season long. We’re joined by Tomahawk Nation managing editor Perry Kostidakis, who decided to wear a suit for some reason.

Be sure to share your takes on our teams and predictions in the comments, as well as what you’d like to see from us as the season goes on — we’ve got some ideas, but we’d love to hear yours as well.