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Three (over)reactions from Florida State game prep for Georgia Tech

Practice makes perfect.

Florida State Sports Information

Florida State Seminoles football game week is officially upon us and with that we got a bonus gift in some practice footage.

I’ll be up front and admit there is not a lot to glean from the footage provided but I’m going to do my best. That’s how much I love basic film and football drills. Did you catch offensive line coach Alex Atkins speak yesterday? I’ve listened like 4 times.

We’re looking at game prep, which basically means that the team is now focusing on refining the game plan and working against Georgia Tech looks. Up to this point the team has been focused on fundamentals and basic install but now they want to narrow their focus in.

As always, we’re here to (over)react to the clips we get shared with us, courtesy of Florida State Sports Information.

Interior OL

Who doesn’t enjoy an interior OL drill? The starting guards (Dontae Lucas and Baveon Johnson) work with starting center (Maurice Smith) on a run blocking drill. They are working a zone run to the right and focusing on footwork, hand placement, and positioning. We are going to see quite a bit of run game against GT on Saturday. Will we see this drill translate?

Lucas, Smith, and Johnson look in sync in the clip which is a promising start. All three players have decent leverage on the play and get their hands on the hole side half of the defender. Final thing I like? They all continue their feet at and through contact which is something that’s been an issue in the past. Let’s see what it looks like Saturday.

Quick Game

Boy this is tough to make out (most of this B-roll was) but it appears to be some quick game by the offense. We see the left side of the OL and Camren McDonald at tight end with Jashuan Corbin at running back. This does appear to be (part of) the starting offense working against a mix of starters and backups on defense. Clearly, the ball comes out of the quarterback’s hand very quickly and everybody is chasing the play. I wish we could see more but isn’t it exciting to see a play where everybody is running in the right direction?

I’m going to (over)react and say this was a big play TD to Tamorrion Terry on a short throw.

Scream and shout

Speaking of the most feared player in college football, I think the case can be made for “Scary” Terry and if he can become a more intermediate threat he will be close to unstoppable.

Why is that? Teams can play off or double over the top against Terry to take away the shot play. When he becomes effective and consistent in the 10-20 yard range teams will have to change up how they play him. Underneath defenders will have to play Terry tighter and corners will have to respect TT when he throttles down. This is a game changer for his game.

What does it take for Terry to become better here? Well, some of it is effort to run better routes. It requires good footwork, upper body/arm movement and setting defenders up before the break. Once Terry commits to these nuances of the position he will become more complete.

Finally, he has to be more physical at the catch point. We often see the ball get into his body. Allowing the ball into your body is more time for the defender to make a play. Catching the ball out in front allows the WR to grab and then secure the football through contact. Terry has to be better at this on all routes.

Will we see Terry running digs, deep ins or some other intermediate routes? I’m going to say yes but some of that is dependent upon blocking by the offensive line.

Those are my overreactions from Tuesday’s action. Now, it’s time for yours — what stood out to you? And what are you looking for moving forward?