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Seminole Wrap, Episode 4: Previewing Georgia Tech, Part 2

A title so confusing it sounds like a Fast and Furious movie.

Seminole Wrap
Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

It’s your lucky day — a midweek episode of your favorite Florida State Seminoles podcast (please don’t tell us if it isn’t your favorite, let us pretend.)

After previewing the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets side of things with Robert Binion of our SB Nation sister site From the Rumble Seat on part one earlier this week, we’re joined by Kevin Little (of XsandNoles and Four Verticals fame) for an in-depth breakdown of the Florida State perspective. Tim and Juan share thoughts on the depth chart and the other big stories of the week so far, while Perry is joined by Tomahawk Nation staff writer Austin Cox for a quick update on what they’ve heard at this week’s press conferences.

You can find it on Apple Podcasts here, all other currently available platforms here (including Google Podcasts, finally!) or embedded below:

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