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Survey Results: Final ranking, most significant FSU win, reflecting on expectations and more

Checking in with Seminoles fans to gauge the season

Charles Mays - Tomahawk Nation

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NCAA. Throughout the year, we ask questions of the most plugged-in Florida State Seminoles fans and fans across the country. Sign up here to participate.

Florida State Seminoles football successfully wrapped up its most successful run in six seasons in the last month of December, taking down the Oklahoma Sooners to win the Cheez-It Bowl and secure a 10-win year for the first time since 2016.

FSU (10-3, 5-3 ACC) closed out the year as one of the hottest teams in the country, putting together an offense that ranked 7th nationally in yards per play (6.96) and 10th in yards per game (484.2).

With the dust settled and attention turned fully towards 2023, we wanted to take some time to gauge how fans felt about the 2022 season.

The results are in — and before we dive into the answers, credit is due to RobertKerr, who asked ChatGPT (an AI-chat program) some questions about 2022 Florida State that gave some eerily realistic answers.

(Sprinkling in a few phrases like ‘opportunities’ and ‘culture’ would’ve sold it completely.)

pretend to be a college football head coach. you have had an amazing year exceeding expectations. your team finished the year ranked #11. explain how you feel in ‘coachspeak’ language.

“I’m extremely proud of my team and the way they competed all season long. We faced some tough challenges and adversity, but these young men never wavered in their commitment to one another and to the team. They worked hard, believed in themselves and each other, and left everything on the field. The end result was a season that exceeded all expectations and a final ranking of #11. I couldn’t be more proud of them. But we know there’s still work to be done, we’re not satisfied and we’re gonna work even harder to achieve our goal next season.”

you have owned the transfer portal and brought in great new talent to provide an immediate impact on 2023. tell us how you feel about next year’s chances.

“I’m thrilled with the new additions to our team. We scoured the transfer portal and identified players that we felt would come in and make an immediate impact. These young men have a wealth of experience and talent, and they’ve already meshed well with the returning players. We’ve been working hard in the off-season and the team has a great attitude, great chemistry, and a strong work ethic. We’re looking forward to next season and have high expectations. We know it’s not going to be easy, but we believe in ourselves and we’re going to put in the work necessary to achieve our goals.”

How much did FSU exceed your expectations?

  • Extremely: 79%
  • A little: 19%
  • Not at all: 2%

Our take:

The 2021 and 2022 teams were night and day in regard to size and development at critical positions. The Seminoles did everything expected and more. From watching them practice twice a week and watching them on game day, you could tell the amount of work they were putting in was paying off. The only thing to do next is to keep their foot on the gas and prepare for a significant 2023 season.

Your take:

954nole: So this team far exceeded my expectations, I was hoping for 8/9 wins, and that came from the most optimistic lens I could look through.

Nolesince05: For me I said fsu exceeded my expectations a little bit. I saw fsu winning 8-9 games this year and I always saw their resiliency. But, I thought it was more of a pipe dream.

FirstZman: Extremely, cause nobody expected them to do as well as they did. Very proud of the 2022 team!

BuffaN0le: I honestly thought 10 wins would be impossible going into the season. I wish the hype machine was a little more modest, that’s my only complaint.

mgl_08: I’ve wrestled the past few years about whether to give up the season tickets that the family has had for over 30 years. Came very close to doing it. And then 2022 came along, and going to games was exciting rather than an obligation. Great season. Hope they keep climbing in 2023.

Should FSU have been ranked higher in the final AP poll?

  • No, Ranked Correctly (No. 11): 61%
  • Should be Top 10: 37%
  • No, Ranked Lower: 2%

Our take:

It’s a little off, and they should be ranked at 10. The stress involved in beating a 6-6 Sooners team might’ve knocked them out of an eight or nine finish. Had they won that game more convincingly, we’d be looking at a potential top-5 matchup heading into the LSU game this season, although that is still a possibility. How the incoming talent prepares in the off-season and progresses throughout spring and fall camp will give us a better perspective on what to expect in 2023.

Your take:

Gryfer: Ranked too low. Should have been top 10.

GolferNole456: I think we’re ranked correctly. Maybe we could flip with Utah, but that’s just a 1 spot swing. It’s not like we’re ranked 11th but should be ranked 6th or 7th.

What was the most significant win for FSU in 2022?

Our take:

Just check them all. You could probably write a paragraph on the importance of each of those wins, but kicking off the season against LSU on the road and winning in such a dramatic fashion showed everyone that they are capable of taking the field against any opponent and walking out with a win. The Times-Picayune newspaper had HEARTBREAK and BLOCKED as two different headlines the following morning.

Running the state of Florida was huge for recruiting, and the bowl game was also an exciting win that set a standard for the Mike Norvell era and this football team.

Your take:

rhodianblue: I think LSU even though it was the 1st game. We won and had a very good season that exceeded expectations. Had we lost that game (note: going into OT the momentum was clearly on the home team side) could you see FSU achieving a better record, and a better game playing? Losing that game, in that fashion, would have been devastating for the team. I understand that winning in Louisville with Tate Rodemaker, beating UM at Doak South, overpowering UF after a tough rivalry battle, and finishing the year skrong against Oklahoma are very important wins but the victory at LSU for me was the most significant.

fsukw: Beating UF was for fist bumping, bragging and recruiting. They stunk in 2022 so beating them was absolutely not the most significant win of the season to me.

Beating LSU proved we can win big, on a National stage and against the SEC West champs as it turns out . Beating UF proved we were the best in the terrible state of FL football landscape.

UNSeaNathan: Miami... but I’m already having second thoughts and I can’t change it. I put them because it was first time in the season it felt like I was watching the FSU teams I grew up with. But after more thought I think the Louisville game was the most significant. An away game with pretty much all of our “can’t get hurt” guys getting hurt and still leaving with the win was more significant.

Where should FSU be ranked to start 2023?

  • Top 10: 66%
  • Top 15: 24%
  • Top 5: 9%
  • Top 25: 1%

Our take:

8-10 would be a good start. Looking at the returning talent and incoming transfers, FSU will have a very solid team. As Jahnole said, a top-10 showdown to start the season will be in everyone's best interest, and rightfully so. The Seminoles earned every bit of the spotlight they’re going to and will get to showcase their efforts yet again on a national stage to start the season.

Your take:

Fleenole: For next year, I think somewhere between 4-8 should be expected with what we accomplished, what we’re returning, and what we’ve added. Schedule isn’t as tough as this years was. It’s no UGA schedule in terms of softness, but it is still a little softer than this years in my opinion.

Jahnole78: I think 10-15 is a good Starting point next year. Lots of talent. Decent schedule. LSU and FSU will likely be a top 10 showdown for the espn hype machine.

Unconquered_09: I think top 10 is about right to start next season. I know some of the way too early polls have us around top 5, but i think thats honestly too high to start. Give us top 10 and let us work our way up to top 4 if we can.