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Transfers Jeremiah Byers, Fentrell Cypress II, Caziah Holmes meet with the media on Wednesday

“The history of Florida State speaks for itself”

Florida State’s history and culture seemed to stand out when transfers Jeremiah Byers, Fentrell Cypress II, and Caziah Holmes were all looking for new homes this last year. The trio met with the media on Wednesday to discuss what attracted them the most before committing to the Seminoles and how much the on-field success of the 2022 Florida State team (10-3, 5-3 ACC) weighed in on their decision to suit up in the garnet and gold.

Among other things, the players said that the brotherhood and culture head coach Mike Norvell and Co. were building and have built throughout his three years at the helm attracted them to want to be a part of what is happening in Tallahassee.

The “Climb” that Norvell speaks about constantly started with a 3-6 team in 2020 and is still going strong after a 10-win season, and a Cheez-It Bowl victory against the Oklahoma Sooners helped garner the No. 1 transfer class in the country.

Jeremiah Byers (UTEP)

Byers on one of the reasons he chose FSU:

“Knowing the guys coming back, it’s like, why would you not want to be a part of that?”

On what he saw at practice to help him with his decision:

“What I was impressed most by was just the work ethic of the team. There was never a dull moment. There wasn’t a moment where they could just sit out there and chill... Coach Atkins said something at the second practice I was in. He said that every day out here is a performance. This isn’t given to you... if you’re not performing, I will put you on the scout team regardless of who you are. That's what stood out to me.”

On who was most influential in the recruiting process:

“Coach Atkins and coach Norvell, when they came to my house, that's what influenced me the most and on my visit. They made me feel like I was a priority here... they wanted me to develop as a man, and that's what made me want to choose Florida State.”

Fentrell Cypress II (Virginia)

Cypress on what stood out about FSU:

“The relationships I built with the coaches and the players as well. I want to build with the players, and that's big with relationships...The relationships I had built were different from other schools, and the recruiting process helped me a lot. Just the history of Florida State and DBU, that's something that helped a lot with my decision.”

On who was most influential in his recruiting process:

“The first couple of days, it didn’t take too long (after entering the transfer portal). Coach Woodson and coach Fuller; coach Fuller was the first coach to talk to me... That was the main guy I was talking to throughout the recruiting process.”

On what he saw from the 2022 season:

“Everybody was there to win; that's what I liked a lot. Nobody was selfish; they were trying to do their job at the highest level. They’re trying to do that this upcoming season, and I want to be a part of that.”

Caziah Holmes (Penn State)

Holmes on one of the main reasons he chose FSU:

“I think just being a Florida native, I wanted to get back home close to my family and my daughter; that was the biggest decision for me coming here.”

On the success of 2022:

“It was amazing. Watching my guys out there rooting them on, and seeing them have the success they want to have. It was amazing. For me, on the sidelines, just picturing myself out there... I’m looking forward to it.”

“What we’re doing here. The brotherhood. What Mike Norvell is doing. I think it’s bringing us all together to be a great team and a great brotherhood.”

On what his role will be within the team in 2023:

“Taking it day by day, but you know I see myself leaving a big impact on the team. Whatever I can do to make the team better and impact the team is what I’m going to do.”