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FSU vs. Pittsburgh: Halftime thoughts and observations

The FSU offense has struggled so far against Pitt without Johnny Wilson and Keon Coleman, but defense has held up.

Charles Mays

No. 4 Florida State has a lot to figure out heading into the second half vs. Pitt.

The first half against Pitt was the worst Florida State’s offense has looked all season — though the defense has held up to weather the storm so far.

The big storyline for Florida State this game has been the Seminoles missing their two most productive playmakers — receivers Johnny Wilson and Keon Coleman.

While the offense was able to move the ball down the field at times against Pitt they struggled to execute on the key situational plays they had opportunities to convert on.

On the first two offensive drives, they had a fumble on the opening drive and failed to convert on 4th down in the red zone on the following.

After those two drives, the offense punted four straight times including three consecutive three-and-outs.

The offense just did not look right all half against the Panthers — even knowing their top two playmakers were out, the struggles are very concerning.

Luckily for the Seminoles offense, the defense was able to bottle up Pitt’s offense and keep the game under wraps. They held the Pitt offense to 19 total yards and played flawlessly until a big play.

A bad coverage bust gave Pitt a chance to take the ball to the endzone. But the Pitt receiver fumbled the football at the one-yard line and gave the Seminoles the ball back at the 25-yard line.

Pitt would take the first points off the game in the second quarter off another explosive passing play, with Florida State responding with a touchdown of its own and later tacking on a field goal for its first lead of the game.

The Panthers got the ball back with 30 seconds in the half and then proceeded to drive in an attempt to grab some additional points. Pitt managed to drive to the FSU 44-yard line with 10 seconds left, but a holding penalty following a spike to stop the clock put the Panthers on their own 46 with five seconds in the quarter.

A desperation heave fell to the turf the next play, giving FSU a 10-7 lead heading into the third.