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Quick hitter: FSU outlasts Pitt, clinches spot in ACC Championship Game

Seminoles one win closer to double digits.

Peyton Baker/Tomahawk Nation

No. 4 Florida State, seeking a spot in the ACC Championship on Saturday, battled with the Pitt Panthers for the bulk of four quarters before pulling away in a 24-7 win.

The Seminoles struggled on offense throughout the day, feeling the absence of leading receivers Keon Coleman and Johnny Wilson while trying to establish consistent drives.

Despite the lack of points, quarterback Jordan Travis still had a productive day, putting up 360 yards and a touchdown alongside a rushing score — his 16th straight game with multiple scores.

The Seminoles’ leaned heavily on their running backs and tight ends, with Trey Benson logging a 55-yard touchdown run, Kyle Morlock taking a pass 63 yards and Markeston Douglas scoring a decisive 22-yard receiving touchdown.

It was a game won by the Florida State defense, who held the Panthers to just seven points and forced three turnovers — two of which came via freshman defensive back Conrad Hussey who logged a game-solidifying fumble on top of his first career interception.

A late touchdown drive led by Tate Rodemaker saw the Seminoles end up in goal-to-go distance, but Florida State failed to find the end zone, ending the team’s streak of 30-point wins.

FSU 24, Pitt 7: Final Stats

Total Yards:

Florida State: 501

Pitt: 333

Pass Yards:

Florida State: 363

Pitt: 244

Rush Yards:

Florida State: 138

Pitt: 89


Florida State: 6-59

Pitt: 11-91

1st Downs:

Florida State: 22

Pitt: 16

3rd Downs:

Florida State: 5-14

Pitt: 0-10

4th Downs:

Florida State: 0-1

Pitt: 1-1

Total Plays:

Florida State: 74

Pitt: 60

Avg Yds/Play:

Florida State: 6.8

Pitt: 5.6

Avg Yds/Completion:

Florida State: 15.8

Pitt: 16.3

Avg Yds/Rush:

Florida State: 3.7

Pitt: 3.7

Sack-Adj Rush Yd(Avg):

Florida State: 163 (4.7)

Pitt: 110 (5.2)

Red Zone:

Florida State: 2-4

Pitt: 1-1

Time of Possession:

Florida State: 34:54

Pitt: 25:06

Turnovers (Def Pts Off):

Florida State: 1 (0)

Pitt: 3 (0)


Florida State: 2-1

Pitt: 3-2

Sacks (Def Yds):

Florida State: 3 (21)

Pitt: 2 (25)

TFL (Def Yds):

Florida State: 3 (21)

Pitt: 11 (40)