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FSU vs. Louisville : Halftime thoughts and observations

A defensive showdown unfolding in Charlotte

Charles Mays/Tomahawk Nation

It was not exactly an offensive explosion in the first half between the Florida State Seminoles and Louisville Cardinals to kick off the ACC Championship in Charlotte.

The Seminoles and Cardinals started the game with:

  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Punt
  • Turnover on downs
  • Punt
  • Punt

The Seminoles' first 1st down was gained from a defensive pass interference — then the Seminoles' offense started finally moving the ball well downfield.

Brock Glenn was able to settle in more as FSU was able to find some rhythm in the running game. Glenn started using his legs more and even though it was not perfect, he did lead the Seminoles on an 11-play 50-yard drive.

Glenn did not complete the two passes to Keon Coleman that were drops but his accuracy is looking better and better as this game is going on. He can still get unsettled by the defensive pressure but when he has had some time he has shown off his playmaking ability.

Unfortunately, that did not result in a field goal on the ‘Noles last offensive drive of the half. But going into the second half the offense is showing more and more life.

On the defensive side of the ball, FSU was able to keep the Lousiville in check the entire first half. The ‘Noles defense has shown up in the second half in a lot of these games, but in Charlotte on Saturday night they played an elite first half of football.

Lousiville did have one explosive play in the first half that put them in plus territory but then Jared Verse followed that up with a sack that put the Cardinals well out of field goal range.

Florida State 3, Louisville 0: Halftime Stats

Total Yards:

Louisville: 69

Florida State: 80

Pass Yards:

Louisville: 29

Florida State: 44

Rush Yards:

Louisville: 40

Florida State: 36


Louisville: 3-33

Florida State: 0-0

1st Downs:

Louisville: 3

Florida State: 7

3rd Downs:

Louisville: 1-8

Florida State: 2-9

4th Downs:

Louisville: 0-1

Florida State: 0-0

Total Plays:

Louisville: 29

Florida State: 35

Avg Yds/Play:

Louisville: 2.4

Florida State: 2.3

Avg Yds/Completion:

Louisville: 7.3

Florida State: 7.3

Avg Yds/Rush:

Louisville: 2.7

Florida State: 1.6

Sack-Adj Rush Yd(Avg):

Louisville: 59 (4.5)

Florida State: 57 (2.9)

Red Zone:

Louisville: 0-0

Florida State: 0-1

Time of Possession:

Louisville: 11:26

Florida State: 17:54

Turnovers (Def Pts Off):

Louisville: 0 (0)

Florida State: 0 (0)


Louisville: 1-0

Florida State: 1-0

Sacks (Def Yds):

Louisville: 3 (21)

Florida State: 2 (19)

TFL (Def Yds):

Louisville: 4 (22)

Florida State: 6 (29)