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“After the year that they had, it was a no-brainer:” WR Hykeem Williams, QB Brock Glenn, OL Lucas Simmons meet with media

“I’m a dog. Just another dog. Everyone is dogs around here, just being that dog, a big physical speedster.”

As the Florida State Seminoles continue introducing the incoming Tribe ‘23 throughout the month of February, newcomers WR Hykeem Williams, QB Brock Glenn, and OL Lucas Simmons all met with the media Tuesday afternoon to discuss life as a Seminole and what it means to take their game to the next level.

Hykeem Williams

On his decision to enroll at FSU:

“This is home. I mean, they have the best tradition in college. It's a historic college. So much has happened here. So many great things... The players here, they're are all in. There’s not one player that's selfish and not looking to help the team. I’m all in.”

On the returning receiving corps:

“There's a lot of returning receivers, and I’m just picking at their brain because we probably have one of the top receiver groups in the country. As long as I can learn as much as I can now and get a ton of reps, it’ll impact the future tremendously.”

On what he brings to the wide receiver room:

“I’m a dog. Just another dog. Everyone is dogs around here, just being that dog, a big physical speedster.”

Williams goes over what he brings to the table, Tour of Duty, and why he stuck with FSU in his full interview below.

Brock Glenn

On adjusting to college life:

“First few weeks have been great; it’s definitely been a transition from high school to college, but I feel my high school has prepared me athletically and academically... the first three or four weeks have been great here.”

On his recruitment process:

“Coach Tokarz and coach Norvell, they’re great dudes. The main reason I came here is because of them. They stuck with me through my entire recruitment. Even when I was committed elsewhere, they never backed down. they always kept their foot on the gas. I knew they always believed in me from the moment our relationship started... Ultimately it came down to them.”

On Jordan Travis’ return for 2023:

“When I saw he was coming back, I was extremely happy because, obviously, he is a veteran. Getting to learn under him and what he does day to day, how he practices, and how he prepares just to get to take all those things in, I think will benefit me greatly as well as the team.”

On getting to know Hykeem Williams:

“It’s been awesome. I actually room with Hykeem; he’s a great guy, so we’re still getting to know each other he’s a funny guy and great to be around.”

Glenn talks about why he chose FSU, learning from Jordan Travis, and more in his full interview below.

Lucas Simmons

On his recruiting process from Sweden and his relationship with offensive line coach Alex Atkins:

“He meant a lot like the first time I talked to him; I was back in Sweden; that was after I decided to come to Florida to play high school, and just talking to him during the first conversation, I knew how we built on our relationship from then until now, it’s something I enjoy being able to have a coach that I can bond with.”

On adjusting to the college game and the little things:

“The emphasis on the small things is major here. We have older guys that have been in the program longer. They know what the standard is. Everybody has been nice, but you have Rob (Scott), Darius (Washington), Bless (Harris), all these older leaders; you kinda fall back and kinda see what they’re doing and basically follow that.”

Simmons goes further into detail on his recruitment process, relationships with the coaches, learning from the veterans, and more in his full interview below.