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“You saw a sense of urgency:” Mike Norvell speaks following spring practice

Florida State prepares for first spring scrimmage

Florida State may have had a rough start to the week with a slow, lethargic practice on Tuesday, but the intensity has definitely risen since then. While many programs across the country have newcomers that need to settle in and adapt to their new program, the Seminoles have a different sense of urgency.

FSU is headed into the 2023 season with veteran pieces in a majority of position groups, but they’re also responsible for bringing in “instant impact” transfers that are going to play an important role. There’s an atmosphere in practice this spring that insinuates an extra weight on the Seminoles’ shoulders.

They have undeniable pressure heading into next season and it seems like they’re aware that 2023 will be a vital year for the program.

“I thought for the most part of practice you saw a sense of urgency, to how guys were operating between plays, really trying to push, you know some good competitive good drills.”

On the battle for the backup QB job between all three guys:

“They’ve been doing a good job, there has been some back and forth between practices. All of those guys have elevated their game and they have all played well. Saturday will be big for them.

Brock (Glenn) is coming along, last practice was probably his best practice and today he got in some different situations. I’m excited about what he has been able to do in a short period.”

On practice and what to expect for their first scrimmage on Saturday:

“I thought today was a good day. Leading up into Saturday (first scrimmage) it will be great for these guys to go out there and show exactly where they are and continue to push to get better... We’ll go with more situations on Saturday and then for the second one (scrimmage) will be letting it flow. I want to make sure we get some of the situations in on Saturday.”

The full interview will be linked below:

Video via The Osceola