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“Today was a mental test for ‘em :” Norvell pushing for next level as spring camp continues

Nearing the midway point of camp, FSU is amping up the intensity

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Ehsan Kassim/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Florida State Seminoles spent Tuesday evening inside the Dunlap Training Facility, taking part in the seventh practice of this year’s spring camp session following Saturday’s scrimmage.

Nearing the midway point of camp, FSU is amping up the intensity and continuing to establish the identity of this year’s squad.

“That was another good, competitive day,” head coach Mike Norvell said after practice. “Coming off the scrimmage, I tried to push some install, put a good amount in on both sides of the ball — trying to test the minds with the improvements that need to be made coming off of Saturday while still adding new concepts or things we’re looking at.”

Norvell said that he was pleased with his group’s energy, even given the fact that they were forced to spent the entire day inside due to inclement weather.

“Both sides of the ball, I thought today was a mental test for ‘em and I thought they worked with good energy.”

“Our guys, they’re competing hard.”

You can hear more from Norvell, including thoughts on the transfer of defensive end Derrick McLendon II, in the full interview below:

Video via The Osceola