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Florida State Seminoles take on 2023 NFL Pro Day

All eyes on Jammie Robinson

Charles Mays/Tomahawk Nation

The Florida State Seminoles participated in the annual NFL Pro Day this morning, giving prospects a chance to showcase their skills in front of league scouts and personnel. There were 11 players taking part in the drills, which included the 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, and more. FSU didn’t draw major attention toward Tallahassee this year, which is the usual case when there’s not a first round on the board.

Despite what seemed like a slow day on the field, with very little contact between players and team personnel, some of the Seminoles were able to increase their stock. The top performers from today's drills were Jammie Robinson, Leonard Warner, Ontaria Wilson, and D’Mitri Emmanuel. Each of these players showed speed and technique that helped put the spotlight on them.

A brief description of each player's performance will be listed below:

DB Jammie Robinson

Robinson participated in a majority of the drills, but he decided to opt out of the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, and broad jump. He had already clocked in times and measurements for those drills during the 2023 NFL Draft Combine, so Robinson was able to focus on agility exercises today. The safety out of Georgia was phenomenal in the pass-catching area and also showed fast twitch reaction time during cone drills.

OL Dillan Gibbons

The big man with the big heart is known for his leadership and locker room presence. Many teams know Gibbons as the principal of FSU’s offensive line for the past two seasons. He probably did very well in interviews with team scouts, but Gibbons didn’t have the best day on the gridiron. He clocked in one of, if not the slowest 40 times and the speed in offensive line drills wasn’t too eye-opening.

DL Robert Cooper

Cooper was a non-participant due to a recent shoulder surgery he had after the 2022 season.

TE Camren McDonald

McDonald didn’t take part in too many activities after it looked like he aggravated his leg during the 40-yard dash.

WR Ontaria Wilson

The speedy receiver had the fastest 40 time for the Seminoles, estimated at around 4.5 seconds. He showed great ball control during pass-catching drills, but he also dropped some opportunities. Wilson had a relatively good day, but he was inconsistent throughout the showing.

DB Jarques McClellion

Veteran defensive back Jarques McClellion was also able to show tremendous speed at times in backpedaling drills and explosive work where he chopped his feet. McClellion was another streaky performer that flashed at times.

TE Wyatt Rector

Rector mentioned that a couple of teams are looking at him as a special teams contributor, and that seems to fit well. He had trouble with routes and was relatively slow off the break, but he had a decent 40 for his size, at around 4.6 seconds.

OL Jazston Turnetine

It was enjoyable to see Turnetine back on the field after he finished the 2022 campaign getting carted off the field. His best quality is by far his size, listed at 6’7, 335 pounds. Turnetine had heavy feet all day long, having trouble with drills that highlighted technique and footwork.

EDGE Leonard Warner III

Warner may have been the biggest surprise prospect of the day. He looked like he got leaner during the offseason while adding muscle. Warner played through the pass-rushing drills very well and was extremely loose in other cases. He seemed like the most comfortable player on the field and showed his versatility on multiple occasions.

WR Mike Roussos

The lone-year Seminole had a productive day in the pass-catching realm, but his 40 time wasn’t the greatest and his shuttle work didn’t do much for his stock. Roussos had a decent day, but he’s going to need to be one of the fastest guys on the field to make an impact at the next level, and that certainly didn’t show.

OL D’Mitri Emmanuel

Despite being an undersized offensive lineman, Emmanuel made a massive difference for the Noles last season and he was able to showcase some of those skills today. He had superb footwork for someone holding that much weight and showed top-notch technique with hand placement. Emmanuel worked through the offensive line drills as the best player from that group and showed how he can work in both the pass and run game through shuttle drills.