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Florida State Mount Rushmore: Who was voted as a top all-time running back?

The Tomahawk Nation community has spoken!

FSU Sports Information

To help the off-season pass a bit faster, Tomahawk Nation is introducing our new Mount Rushmore series, where we’ll be determining the top four Seminoles at each position.

On Monday, we posted a poll for the Tomahawk Nation community to choose your top four Seminoles at this week’s position group. We presented the choices from some of our staff and contributors on Tuesday. We know the suspense is too much to handle.

The Tomahawk Nation community has spoken! We present to you the Mount Rushmore of FSU Running Backs.

Who are the top four running backs in FSU history?

Warrick Dunn (97.3%)

Dalvin Cook (94.9%)

Greg Allen (51.1%)

Amp Lee (19.7%)

Another week, another clear-cut top of the pack with a tight race deciding the final spot. This time, it was Amp Lee just barely sneaking past Cam Akers — by two votes, in fact.

Despite only starting in the backfield for FSU for two years out of his three years as a Nole, Lee is still ranked 4th in total touchdowns by a running back in a season with 18 TD’s in 1990, and is tied for 4th with Devonta Freeman for rushing touchdowns in a career with 30. Lee simply had a knack for finding pay dirt, electrifying the crowd time and time again.

Dunn’s legacy as both national champion and wonderful human earned him the most votes, with Cook right behind, an honor earned off amazing, jaw-dropping plays and statistical production that places at the top of several categories all-time at FSU (career rushing yards and touchdowns included.) The records that Cook doesn’t hold are held by Allen, who redefined what it meant to be a Florida State running back in his own way.

The rest of the top 10:

  • Cam Akers (19.6%)
  • Greg Jones (17.9%)
  • Sammie Smith (17.6%)
  • Devonta Freeman (16.9%)
  • Larry Key (10%)
  • Dexter Carter (9.5%)

What the TN community had to say

TomRob: Avatar for TomRob Like I knew FSU had a rich RB tradition, but then you read this piece and it is nearly impossible to pick four guys. So many deserving guys. I ended up going with Dunn, Cook, Allen, and Lee but I think you could slot almost any one of those guys into the #4 spot. For me, Dunn, Cook, and Allen are musts, but the #4, as many others above said, is pretty wide open. You could make a case for nearly anyone. Such a rich RB history at FSU. This makes me dread having to pick 4 WRs.

Eastside Joe: I’ll take the Allen-Dunn-Cook trifecta, with Bennett at #4 to show some love to the fullbacks. And while his face isn’t on my mountain, I’m inviting Greg Jones to hang around and scare away grizzlies while the rock is being carved.

Nole99: Dunn and Allen were easy for me, after that there are about 5 or 6 I could pick, but they are all Seminole heroes. I ended up with those first two, then Cook and Lee. It’s too bad the early guys (like Allen) are unknown to most Nole fans as it hurts their chance of being where they belong- on Seminole Rushmore. (Why? Because they......... get ready...............Rushed More!)

Topnole: any assessment that leaves Greg Allen out….well I’m not really sure what to say. He was before time, but I acknowledge he was probably our best RB ever and top 4 is automatic. Four years in a row getting All American honors. The last two years getting 1st team from several of them. Back before we had dynasty type name brand. He was not only great realities to our historic RBs, he was the best of best in his time. Who else on this list did that?

Jockstap Junkies: 3 easy ones Allen, Cook, and Dunn. (Cooks and Dunn! That could have been fun haha.) The 4th is so tough. I sat on Akers, Lee, Thompson, and big boy Jones. Ultimately went with Amp Lee at 4th, but there’s so many that could be plugged in there. I couldn’t pick Thompson cause injuries are part of the game and his limited his production unfortunately. Akers would probably have been a no brainer if his team complemented him more. Jones, while fun to watch truck opponents, just didn’t have enough past that to get my vote.

So there you have it, folks. What do you think about these choices? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote each week for your top four choices for each position group.

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