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Florida State Mount Rushmore: Who was voted as a top all-time wide receiver?

The Tomahawk Nation community has spoken!

To help the off-season pass a bit faster, Tomahawk Nation is running our new Mount Rushmore series, determining the top four Florida State Seminoles in school history at each position.

On Monday, we posted a poll for the Tomahawk Nation community to choose your top four Seminoles in this week’s position group and yesterday, presented the choices from some of our staff and contributors.

Today — the results. The Tomahawk Nation community has spoken!

Without further ado, we present to you the Mount Rushmore of FSU Wide Receivers.

Who are the top four wide receivers in FSU history?

  • Peter Warrick (95%)
  • Fred Biletnikoff (79%)
  • Rashad Greene (58.2%)
  • Ron Sellers (56.9%)

After two moderately to very close races in the last two iterations of this series, including at the top, this week was pretty clear-cut. Warrick, arguably the most electrifying player in the history of college football, easily took home the largest percentage of the vote and Sellers, who still holds a bulk of FSU records, had a comfortable finish ahead of the next closest player.

The rest of the top 10:

  • Anquan Boldin (33.5%)
  • Lawrence Dawsey (17.9%)
  • Kelvin Benjamin (11.5%)
  • E.G. Green (9.4%)
  • Marvin “Snoop” Minnis (5.9%)
  • Kez McCorvey (4.1%)

What the TN community had to say

SeaPA: For me, the first three are easy...Belitnikoff, Sellers, and Warrick. The fourth is tough; IMO between Dawsey, Jet, and R Greene.

I’ll go with Dawsey. His performance in a loss against UM in 1990 was one of the greatest effort-games I’ve ever seen. He caught something like 13 passes for over 150 yards, with most of the catches being highlight-reel variety.

Caballo Tustenagge: 1. Biletnikoff, did his work in the 3 yards and a cloud of dust era.

2. Sellers, smooth as a baby’s behind.

3. Warrick, the most gifted athlete ever to play for FSU.

4. R Greene, the most dependable wr to play at FSU.

This is the most artistic position in football. From the ability to create space, to the hand-eye coordination, the ability to extend a drive with a short catch, or to rip your heart out with a long td, no other position affords a player the opportunity to influence the game like a wr. And we have been truly blessed with some of the greatest talent ever.

Gator4def: My picks are based on if I had to create the best starting four.

1) Rashad Greene - Greatest WR in FSU history. The guy was consistent, productive and clutch.

2) Peter Warrick - In a league of his own. One of the most electrifying players I’ve seen in college football

3) Kelvin Benjamin - Only had one great year but that level of physical dominance can’t be looked over. To put up those numbers while sharing the ball with Greene, Shaw, O’Leary and Freeman says a lot about his

4) Anquan Boldin - Great FSU Wr, good wr in the league and a better person off the field.

cpelham: If I were picking a team to play, my 4th would be Boldin or Benjamin (or hey maybe one of the two starters this upcoming season?) to go with Sellars and Moss on the outside and Warwick in the slot. No one’s covering that.

But among the candidates for the 4th spot on Mt. Rushmore, I guess Greene piled up the most stats and won a ring and it’s hard to vote against that, but I am inclined to go with EG Green or maybe Dawsey or McCorvey. Snoop was tremendous his senior year, except for missing the NC game, but he wasn’t really tremendous his first three years nor was he in the pros. EG Green had three very good seasons and McCorvey had two very good years and helped get us our first ring although he didn’t have a really top all-time season stat-wise.

So there you have it, folks. What do you think about these choices?

Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote each week as we continue to work to determine the top Florida State players at each position.

Previous results

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