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“I really like our depth:” FSU’s second scrimmage highlights intensity, competition ahead of season opener

“Florida State is not for everybody — it’s just for the real ones.”

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK

With two weeks to go until Florida State Seminoles football takes on the LSU Tigers in a season-opening top-ten clash, the already-established need for elevated execution and consistency is hitting another level.

After the Seminoles’ second scrimmage of preseason camp, head coach Mike Norvell, offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Alex Atkins, defensive coordinator Adam Fuller and special teams coordinator/defensive ends coach John Papuchis all took to the mic, speaking on individual and positional performances but emphasizing the challenge placed before the team ahead of an expectations-filled season.

Florida State is not for everybody — it’s just for the real ones,” Norvell said. “It’s for the ones that when they say they want to go and accomplish great things, then you know we’re going to help them work towards it.”

Head coach Mike Norvell

“The way our guys competed is really going to help. We put some guys in positions to help us and emerge in bigger roles, and like I told the team, there’s some guys that played a lot of football that gotta work and gotta get better or you can be passed by. I really like our depth, I like the competitiveness within each room. As we’re getting closer, every day counts and every rep counts.”

Offensive coordinator, offensive line coach Alex Atkins

“Jordan was Jordan — he got in there and operated efficiently. Made good decisions, took care of the ball. It’s good to see him go out there and operate. I love him. Sometimes you get accustomed to seeing it and you kind of take it for granted, but he’s a special player.”

Video via Warchant

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

“We got a chance to be as good as there is. I think we got a really strong nucleus of players, we’re constantly trying to build depth because you know, you’re going to need it, but I feel really confident about the group of guys that we have. We’re going to have to continue to work at it and continue to execute on game days, but I don’t put any limits on what this group can accomplish both defensively and as a team and we’ve got the right people. But that right group of people needs to continue to push in the right direction and I’ve got no questions about who we coach right now. I’m excited to go to work and jump in this season with them.”

Special teams coordinator, defensive ends coach John Papuchis

“I thought today was our best day probably as a unit for the specialists in terms of overall assessment. I think in terms of kickers, both guys have had a really good camp and I think here in the next week or so we’re going to have to make some tough decisions but both guys have competed well. There’s been pretty consistent performances from both kickers, and that’s a good thing to have that kind of competition in camp. It makes everybody better and then it also obviously creates depth for your roster moving forward.”